Apr 21, 2009

Marie Antoinette


Francheska said...

this has got to be the most original and interesting blog I have found!!! Well you found me! but all the same! thank your for your incredibly sweet comment! you have kinda..made my day!!! :)

- Now. Marie Antoinette! i love this movie so so so much! it´s so beautiiifullll!!
I´m definitely going to think about what movie I would like to see here buttt first I have to read all your posts to make sure I dont repeat myself!
I can just imagine I´ll find loads of good movie recommendations here!!!

Janis said...

favorite movie i think ! i love sofia coppola's work so much and kirsten dunst/marie antoinette is beautiful !

Joelyne said...

beautiful photos! i love the outfits and the colour themes.


Madeline said...

this movie is amazing. if only people still wore instense hoop skirts and pastel lace.

elisabeth said...

thanks for the comment :D
i really want to see this movie now, kirsten dunst looks so good and i even got the soundtrack because i heard it was really good!

Catherine said...

I love all the colors, especially the photo of the shoes :)

Blanquita G said...

precisely i was downloading Viky Cristina barcelona and Maria antonieta. I´m eager to watch it!

Hannah said...

Wow you've blogged about some great movies, some of which I certainly need to check out! I absolutely LOVE Marie Antoinette, it's pure eye candy!

Lady Death said...

Just everything about this movie is so glamorous. It makes any girl wish she were a princess from the Rococo period. I can't really describe it other than it seems so delicious!

Let them eat cake!

Kat said...

thanks so much!
and i love that marie antoinette movie with the great miss dunst!

crystal. t said...

i watched this movie! i like it esp because it has a lot of funky outfits :) very pretty
love everything they wear.
Marie Antoinette ftw!

crystal x

Carolina Botelho said...

absolutely inspiring! amazing film

Slanelle said...

if u love sofia coppola's work, i guess i'm gonna see lost in translation in your list really soon

Ringa Dinga Boing Boing said...

amazing and gorgeous outfits there.
and i love the shoes pict.

Tijger Melk said...

the attention to detail in this film just astounds me. so beautiful!
it reminds me for some reason, dunno how, of memoirs of a geisha. like, the cinematography and the beauty.