Apr 12, 2009


I've been only been able to see this movie once because it just makes me cry thinking about the ending :(


jules said...

love love love this movie, but it is so so sad!

Couture Carrie said...

Beautiful stills!


Lauren said...

Hi Silvie,

Thanks for commenting on my blog, i love this film! It is one of my all time loves! I also love Keira Knightley xx


Mo said...

no on can forget that green dress...it was gorgeous!

thanks for your comment!


ellevictoire said...

this was one of the most beautiful and sad movies i've ever watched. i cried bucketfuls. oh, how i disliked that little girl

i love this blog! i really like many of the movies you feature :)

Annie said...

i adore the costumes in this movie, but keira knightley is so skinny that it's hard for me to watch. i love the end, though, i think it's so unexpected and interesting.

i absolutely love your blog! such a cool and original idea!


Kay said...

I LOVE Atonement. Her green dress is so incredibly beautiful and it's filmed very well. I had to do my English Literature coursework in Atonement (the book).
Also I am slightly in love with James McAvoy, and if I could look like anyone it would be Keira Knightley. So basically my two favourites actors in one film!

patti said...

bad movie. really. it's just almost the same as cold mountain or something. even some of the lines are the same. had so high expectations for it, because the director is joe wright, who made Pride and prejudice, which is my favourite. and keira was so fuckin' great in that movie. but not in atonement.

Adri said...

Thats the same reason Ive only seen it once.

josephine said...

until i read patti's comment, i though me and a friend of mine were the only one's who didn't like this movie. visually, it is stunning, but so many parts of it felt so cliched and almost lazy pandering to the audience. maybe because i read the book before watching the film, so i had high expectations. believe me, i soooo wanted to like this movie, because everyone else did, but it just didn't do it for me. plus, keira knightley sounded like she was doing a lazy imitation of the female lead in "brief encounter." i guess she was striving for that same style, but it just didn't sound natural enough.