Apr 23, 2009

Bonnie and Clyde


HEK said...

Oh, love these pics, so iconic!

yiqin; said...

<3! The girl actually looks a lil like kate moss to me!

Hanh said...

Hello -Silvie,
Thanks for visiting my blog. I love old movie. It is classic. Love all the pics.

Valentine said...

Ola Silvie! Sadly, I havent seen this movie before.. but these stills made me want to watch it sooo bad.. *sigh* now, oi must hunt down a copy.




Noshabelle said...

Wow, great blog!

sv: I found the photo of Mischa Barton at Bella Howard's blog: http://bellahoward.blogspot.com/

Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog!

Francheska said...

I´m so embarrased... but i´ve neverrrrrrr seen this movie before!!!!!!!!
Even though I know so much about it!!!!
im gonna go download it now actually!

josephine said...

phenomenal movie! it really reflected the zeitgeist of both the period it portrayed in the movie and period in which it was made.

Sarah A. said...

oh bonnie, you fox.

Tahda said...

I love Faye Dunaway's style & hair in this movie. I just found out that Hillary Duff (gag) is slotted to play Bonnie in a new version of the story of B&C and I want to cry a little.